Junia-T – Studio Monk

  1. Tommy's Intro (Feat. River Tiber & Sean Leon)
  2. Thinking Over (Feat. Benjamin A.D)
  3. Ooowee (Feat. Elijah Dax)
  4. Sad Face Emojis (Feat. Jessie Reyez)
  5. Try Me (Feat. Husser and STORRY)
  6. Make It (Feat. FAIZA)
  7. Home Team (Feat. J.O. Mairs)
  8. Know Better (Feat. Miloh Smith, Sean leon, Julien Thomas)
  9. Complicated (Feat. Adam Bomb)
  10. Dreams Come True (Feat. SUPERDRAMAGO! and FAIZA)
  11. WYAT? (Feat. STORRY and ONLY1KING)
  12. Puzzles (Feat. FAIZA)
  13. Outro / The Mantra