Saul Williams – These Mthrfckrs: MartyrLoserKing – Remixes, B-Sides, & Demos

  1. These Mthrfckrs
  2. Down For Some Ignorance (MONO/POLY Remix)
  3. Horn of the Clock-Bike (Daedelus' Fugue)
  4. Down For Some Ignorance (Nite Owl x MNISOTA Remix feat. Dennis Passley)
  5. Hack Into Coltan (Thavius Beck Remix)
  6. The Noise Came From Here (Dawit Eklund's Rootkit)
  7. BeatDown (Demo)
  8. The Noise Came From Here (Masego Remix)
  9. Horny Clock Bike: CX KiDTRONiK Mouse Trap Remix
  10. Down For Some Ignorance Remix feat. John Forté
  11. Roach Eggs (Sol Messiah Remix feat. SA-ROC)
  12. Horn of the Clock-Bike (GMX)
  13. These Mthrfckrs (Sodi Demo)