Finale is an all-analog synthesizer, orchestral-style album composed and recorded by Toronto based producer, Mike Rocha.  The ten-song debut, released via Pirates Blend, is described by Rocha as “ a linear exploration of self” – An exploration of human thoughts, emotions and conditions, through minimalist tones, menacing, anxiety-ridden tensions, and lush, elegant soundscapes.

“My guiding concept was a ‘synth orchestra’: Synths performing orchestral-style compositions with complete freedom by capitalizing and leveraging all of their functions and abilities over traditional instrument limitations.” – Mike Rocha

Rocha, most notably known for his producing resume alongside acts including Noisey Indie/punk band, Greys (Buzz Records/Carpark), synth pop-duo, Electric Youth (Secretly Canadian) and Toronto bassist, Eon Sinclair (Bedouin Soundclash), has been able to utilize his eclectic background to articulate a range of dynamic ideas into his debut release.  Commencing with “Careful”, Finale introduces itself with a pensive and excited curiosity.  It’s sonic undertones of fear and anxiety foreshadow the dominating and pulsing tensions found on “Generator”, “Glitter” and “Escape”.  Moments of tranquility, innocence and love weave around the darker themes on tracks “Maternal”, “Kid” and “Thought”, and act as subtle reminders of hope as the soundtrack unveils and resolves it’s captivating storyline.

Musical references within Finale can be attributed to a wide range influences from the traditional composition of Gustav Holst’s, “The Planets”, to the industrial perfectionism of Trent Reznor.  Warm, rich layers of analog synth find parallels to the likes of Tycho/Scott Hansen, while the traditional soundtrack influences can be grouped alongside modern composer, Clint Mansell (Black Mirror TV Show- Soundtrack) and group, S U R V I V E (Stranger Things – TV Show Soundtrack).

Finale showcases Rocha’s depth and ability as a contemporary composer demonstrating his patience, experience and musical maturity, utilizing analog instrumentation.


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